Makeup Meltdown Holiday 2015 Lipstick Collection

November 28, 2015

The_Glossier_Melt_Your_Makeup_Holiday_2015-3-v2Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, it’s time to talk holiday looks. Personally, I’m a big fan of keeping the outfit simple (and warm!), so that I can play up my makeup. I’ve learned the trick to great, modern-looking makeup is choosing to play up the eyes or the lips; dramatic eyes and lips can be harsh. Lately, I’ve been sticking to very basic eye looks, so that I can make my lips as bold as I want. I think lipstick can easily elevate your look for the holidays, and honestly, swiping on a lipstick is so much easier than dealing with a smokey eye, so it’s a foolproof way to look great in no time.  Continue Reading…

DIY Whipped Hair Butter for Natural Hair

November 7, 2015

The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Whipped-Shea-Butter-Natural-Hair-Recipe-16When it comes to Fall and Winter, my hair needs a lot  of extra moisture and pampering! As the air gets dryer, so does my hair, and the only thing that really helps, are heavy butters and oils to help my hair retain moisture. If you’ve had a look at any hair care aisle, you can see that products like those typically cost a pretty penny, and not only that, but some products hardly contain any of the beneficial ingredients they claim to have, or it’s full of impossible-to-pronounce ingredients which can be off-putting. I’m not completely opposed to chemicals in my hair products, it just depends on what it is. However, for moisture, I really like the most natural products possible for my hair, which is why I love making things at home, with ingredients that I know work for my hair. This homemade whipped butter is one of my staple products for that reason.  Continue Reading…

Olive, Take Two.

November 6, 2015

The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--7No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I’m wearing olive and black, again. I’m so into this color combination right now, it’s insane. This look is definitely more girly compared to the bomber that look that I wore a week or so ago—last time, I had a bit of a rummage through my boyfriend’s closet, and this time, I’m rummaging through what appears to be my pajama drawer. I love the idea that slip dresses are becoming a thing again, I suppose we can thank people like Rihanna who do actually leave the house in their pajamas, looking mighty fabulous, and no one bats an eyelash.
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Shop His Closet: The Olive Bomber Jacket

October 30, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, I found this olive bomber in my boyfriend’s closet. He never gets to wear it because the sleeves are too short, and as badly as I feel about his #tallpeopleproblems, I also can’t just let a jacket go to waste. Not on my watch.
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Adventure Time

October 26, 2015

The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Native-Shoes-Fall-2015-DC-26Now that Autumn is here, and the leaves have started to turn all sorts of fiery colors, I’m more inclined to want to find myself outdoors. I’m not an outdoorsy person by any stretch, but, I definitely appreciate it—and, it’s great to go out and enjoy it from time to time. Christopher and I spent the afternoon taking pictures, climbing rocks, jumping over water, and crunching leaves—peak Autumn activities. Most importantly, it was a nice way to think of something other than work and responsibilities for a bit—our mini-adventure was just what I needed to help me relax, and recharge for the week ahead.
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La Vie en Oxblood

October 21, 2015

The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Ekineyo-Fall-2015-DC-16 copyI don’t know who first coined the term ‘athleisure’, but that person deserves a raise.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, athleisure is basically just incorporating items designed for athletic purposes into your style—most times, it juxtaposes super-laid back gym-style clothes, and something more tailored or fancy. It can certainly be a challenge to dress up gym clothes, but, it’s also a lot of fun to mix and match styles to create something unique, and be super comfortable at the same time. I will say this until I die: comfort is everything when it comes to your personal style. If you aren’t comfortable in it, it’s not for you.
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9 Outerwear Essentials for Fall

October 19, 2015

The_Glossier_Fall_Essential_Coats_1Fall is a great time to experiment with your style—especially when the weather is just beginning to transition—one day you might find yourself layering light pieces, while the next day might call for you to be totally bundled up. No matter the weather, there are plenty of options when it comes to outerwear, which will allow you to switch it up with the greatest of ease. Here are nine outerwear styles that I think pretty much anyone can (and should) pull off this season.
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Café Au Lait

October 15, 2015

The_Glossier_Tasha_James_Style_Fashion_Blogger_Kim_Kardashian_Camel_Coat_White_Monochromatic_DC-9I’ve been waiting almost an entire year to rock this camel coat by Missguided again! Last Fall season was dominated by the camel coat, and I don’t see much changing this year. It’s such an amazing addition to any closet, especially, if you have a soft spot for the classics, like I do. I think it’s important to have pieces like this on-hand, because they make getting dressed super easy, and honestly, a great coat like this one, can completely transform what you’re wearing. Continue Reading…


September 21, 2015

The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-43The Tracy Reese Spring/Summer 2016 show was a bold display of girl power. Flirty, and feminine were the two words that came to mind as flowy dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts came marching down the runway. In keeping with the theme of transparency, lace, silk, and even vinyl, were layered atop camisoles, bralettes, and sheer hosiery. Classic spring elements were present, like floral prints, and breezy dresses—but a few pleasant surprises were there, like the looks containing sequins, and metallic accents. The outwear was also lovely, the favorite being a jeweled canary yellow trench with raw edges. I also really enjoyed the addition of capes to some of the dresses, they added such a dramatic element to an otherwise simple look. All of these pieces seemed as though they could easily assimilate into your wardrobe, there were plenty of light, layerable pieces, to mix and match with, or some slightly theatrical pieces that were just meant to be worn alone as a statement. Nothing was skin tight, or body-hugging, deeming these looks extremely wearable for everyday—it may be a little tough to pull off that head to toe neon pink look, however. Plenty of these pieces could easily transition between a day at the office, or a night on the town. Another pleasant surprise was learning that all the footwear was designed by Sarah Jessica Parker—we saw many of the same elements and colors from the clothing design, incorporated in the shoes as well. The translucent vinyl ankle boots with the capped toe and stacked heel were especially great, and that same style boot was also done in a multi-glitter, brown, green, and metallic pink version. There were also more classic silhouettes, like almond toe pumps, and sandals in the collection.
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September 20, 2015

The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Zang-Toi-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-30 copyThe Zang Toi SS16 show was spectacular—dramatic silhouettes and bold hues dominated the show. The veteran designer said that his collection was inspired by a recent trip to Santorini, and it becomes apparent amongst the crisp white, and shimmering blues that were displayed. Daytime looks include beautiful cotton and eyelet blouses, shimmering knitted mini dresses, hints of needlepoint, and suits that were tailored to perfection. The huge white hats were a lovely, and dramatic addition—perfect for shielding yourself from the hot Grecian sun. The evening looks were over-the-top, but in a good way. Beading, sequins, floating sheer fabrics, capes, and gowns were a feast for the eyes—pieces either flowed like water, or were some beautifully structured piece that exuded power, confidence, and femininity. All in all, the collection had something that anyone could love, even if some of it wasn’t exactly practical for most people. I personally was inspired to try mixing and matching different textures, volumes, and shapes—this was like watching a masterclass in craftsmanship, and styling.  Continue Reading…