fat-sick-nearly-dead-featured-672x1024 So last night, while looking for a movie to fall asleep to in bed, I found the 'Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead' documentary on Netflix. I am not sure what inclined me to want to watch this before bed, but, something told me to put this on. Let's just say, I did not fall asleep to this movie.

The movie mainly focuses on Joe, an overweight Australian venture capitalist who travels to America for sixty days during his fruit and vegetable juice fast. He mentioned America was the "food capital", and what better place to deprive yourself of solid foods than a place where there's fast food on every single street corner.

You learn about Joe's poor health, which was brought on by his poor eating habits; he hoped to rid himself of all ailments, and even kick his prescription meds to the curb, with this detox. Did he do it? Check out the trailer below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv3vEXy_EwU&w=560&h=315]

This isn't about "losing the last five pounds", this is about taking responsibility for your whole entire lifestyle, and making necessary changes while you still can.

Because of this documentary, my boyfriend and I are currently researching juicers, and will be committing to a ten-day detox to start, with detoxes to follow periodically as needed. We both had different experiences with this film, and both of us felt the documentary hit quite close to home in many ways (I can get into those reasons another time). I don't know how often I've begged my boyfriend to join me in living a healthier lifestyle, but this movie made it click for him, and I was actually pleasantly surprised that he was the one asking me if I'd join him doing this program.

I'm glad I stayed up to finish this film. I have definitely been leading a more healthy lifestyle as of late, but I just needed that extra kick to make me realize that I need to take it into another gear. I'd love more than anything to be able to eat whatever I want, and live to be one hundred years old, but unfortunately, the processed food choices I make won't allow for that, and I have to make better choices.