nails1 nails2 nails3 nails4 Except it's definitely Tuesday.

This juice fast I'm on has me totally drained, you guys! Between liquid meals, Daylight Saving Time, and my spring allergies this week, I'm totally worn out!

Anyway, I meant to do my nails yesterday, but, like I said, no energy. I forgot that I had these green snake print Sally Hansen nail decals, I bought them at Target back in October or November, I think (on clearance for $3.60 whut whut!). I thought these would take less time than painting my nails, but I was wrong! These things are a total pain in the butt to apply β€” luckily, they're fierce as hell, or it might not have been worth it to go the decal route!

Supposedly, they last forever, so if I don't have to worry about my nails for a while, I'll be stoked!

Anywho, I'll be updating some more this week, I have tons of photos from Sunday's photoshoot I want to share!


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