polishes1 I often ask my boyfriend to chose a nail polish color for me, I have so many, yet I tend to only wear a few shades. Whenever I ask him to pick something out, the answer is usually, "Sparkly." — he loves glitter nails, and this is why we're perfect for each other. For tonight's mani, I chose a pretty lavender purple from Revlon called, Enchanting, and for my accent nail (are accent nails still a thing?) I used a fine multi-glitter top coat called, It's Bouquet With Me from the Sephora by OPI collection. For my toes, I used Essie's Ballet Slippers!



In case you are wondering about the book, it's what I'm currently reading! It's called Ballet Beautiful, and it's basically a manual for living a healthier lifestyle written by the woman who trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan, Mary Helen Bowers. I won't go too in depth with this right now, because I'm actually going to review the workout DVD next, which goes hand in hand with this book!


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