Matte Ox Blood Nails

Processed with VSCOcamFor my nails today, I was going to go for a really cutesy holiday design, but, since I got my booty kicked yesterday at my Muay Thai gym (more on that later!), and my arms feel like jello, I just don't have the energy to do cutesy things today. What I always have energy for, though, is nice matte mani (you guys already know how I feel about matte things, so, we won't get into it again), especially when I want something kind of special for my nails, but, I don't have the patience (or in today's case, strength) to make designs on them. Processed with VSCOcamToday's color is Shearling Darling from Essie, I picked it up a few weeks back when I was at Rite Aid. It's such a great shade of burgundy red! It's a little bit brighter than my beloved Velvet Bow , but still a very deep burgundy color; this color would look great on just about every skintone. And, I absolutely, 100 percent, recommend the Revlon Matte Top Coat to anyone and everyone! If you're not like me, owning a million and one different polishes, this top coat is a great way to change up what polishes you do have. The velvety finish makes your manicure look so gorgeous! It looks great over plain polish, and it also makes glitter polishes look awesome!

Let me know if any of you try this out!


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