Essie Master Plan

Processed with VSCOcamIt's really weird how much I love this color, called Master Plan by Essie. I bought this when I was on the quest to find the perfect grey nail polish (still on that quest, btw), and was pleasantly surprised by how unique it is (in terms of grey nail polishes anyway). It reminds me a lot of the huge sheets of newsprint we'd use in our Life Drawing class during art school, actually. Not that I want to be reminded of the times I had to draw sweaty, naked people in art school, but, whatever. Let's move on. I love the creamy grey base, with (in my opinion) a touch of beige. This is definitely one of those polishes I wear when I've been overloaded with color and designs (like I have been in the past few weeks), so, it's kind of a nice break from the craziness. Sometimes, less is more.


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