I Don't Give A Rotterdam!
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photo (1)

I love this color by OPI, called, I Don't Give A Rotterdam. It's from their Holland collection from a couple years ago. It's such an interesting shade of greyish-blue, and it contains really fine gold shimmer. I think it's so pretty to look at (pictures don't do it justice)! I guess I've just been in a really grey mood lately for some reason... Anyway, hope you all had a good start to the week today! I worked on editing videos all day, oh, except for I took a short break to watch all the Grammy performances from last night. Hand's down, I thought Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons killed it, Daft Punk/Pharrell/Stevie Wonder was another highlight, and the Rock legends at the end (Dave Grohl on drums #wearenotworthy) gave me so much life! I wasn't really feeling any of the girl's performances; I'm still struggling with Katy Perry's act, it was like The Craft/Hocus Pocus the musical, and that's not a good thing. I pretty much died of secondhand embarrassment for Lorde, which is a shame, because I actually really like her music, but, her stage presence could use some work. I don't know...

Who were your faves of last night?


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