Review: Mario Badescu Anti-Aging Kit (Video)
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When it comes to skincare (for me), I'm always on the hunt for new products. Mario Badescu had been one of those brands I kept seeing people rave about; everyone from makeup artists to Martha Stewart sang the praises of this brand, and anything Martha Stewart endorses, I just know I need to try. My skin has a million and one issues, ranging from: dullness, congested pores, hyperpigmentation, hormonal breakouts, breakouts for no reason, uneven texture, oiliness, and dryness, on occasion. One ingredient that I know combats all of these things, is Glycolic Acid. Glycolic acid is derived from fruit, and is the in Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) family; it is a very strong ingredient, so be cautious when using products containing Glycolic acid for the first time, as they can be irritating to your skin. Glycolic acid has done wonders for my skin in the past, and so, when I look for products in a new range, I almost always gravitate toward the Glycolic treatments first.

While browsing the internet, I noticed great reviews for both the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, and the Glycolic Acid Foaming Cleanser. I was this close to putting both of those items in my Ulta basket, and checking out, when I saw that both of those products were available in their Anti-Aging Kit, along with three other products, I opted for the whole kit, instead. Below is my review for each individual product in the kit, and my overall review.

Results: I began to see results within days of starting this skincare routine. My skin was looking dull, and tired, areas around my nose and cheeks were heavily congested (despite my best efforts to keep that area clear), I had one or two breakouts, and of course, my usual hyperpigmentation woes (I had developed some new spots, because I couldn't stop picking at my face!): this kit immediately helped to clear out my pores, and with continued use, I noticed I had less blackheads, and a smoother texture to my skin.

The dullness also went away instantly, and that hasn't really been a problem since. The Glycolic toner really is a thing of beautyβ€” it's not a product you can or should use everyday, but when you need it, it works wonders. In a month's time, I saw my skin go from 'meh' to good. I still have some dark spots, but, I can see those are fading; I didn't expect those to be too impacted within a month, anyway.

The Glycolic eye cream was another life-saver for me; February was a rough month for me, I did a lot of crying, didn't get enough sleep, or water, or anything. My eyes were definitely showing signs of fatigue, and the moisturizing eye cream helped to get my eye area under control. My eyes are still a tad bit baggy, and a bit dark (but, part of that is genetics, I think), but for a month's worth of work, I really saw a difference. The Glycolic eye cream is something I will repurchase once the sample runs out.

Overall, this kit is a definite yes! I think there were some hits and misses, but in general this system really worked for me. If you're someone with one or more of the skincare concerned that I discussed here, I would definitely recommend giving this kit a try. Now that I was able to see what worked, and what didn't work on my skin, I'll be able to confidently buy the full-sized versions of the products I need!


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Mario Badescu Anti-Aging Kit, $30 (Ulta)

This post is not sponsored, all items were purchased with my own money.