A Walk in the Park

PINK06Even though I've been to Georgetown, more times than I can count, it's still one of my most favorite parts of DC to visit. I especially love the Waterfont area, where the view is so amazing and relaxing. I also love getting to look out across the Potomac River, to see my absolute favorite building in DC, The Kennedy Center. I love that in the Waterfront park, it's always so full of people just enjoying the sunshineโ€”whether they're strolling on the path with their dog, or sprawled out in the grass napping, everyone just looks totally relaxed, which is a major change from just a block away, on M Street, where all the madness is happening.PINK04PINK07 PINK03PINK05PINK02PINK07PINK01So, I'm not typically a huge fan of light pink, but, I have been interested in trying out this baby pink trend I've been seeing recently. I originally wanted a leather moto jacket in a similar shade of pink, but, I haven't had any luck finding one! I ran across this blazer at H&M, and loved it as soon as I tried it on! There's something very Molly Ringwald about it, but also, it's nice to have a lighter option, as we dive head first into Summer in the District. But really, I think I'm just addicted to buying blazers and jackets, so I'll pretty much use any reason to add one to my closet.


The Glossier

Hat: Target // Sunnies: Forever 21 // Jacket: H&M // Shirt: Forever 21 // Denim: Thrifted (DIY) // Purse: Forever 21// Shoes: Zara // Necklace: Etsy // Rings: Aldo Accessories