Eye, Lips, & Face: My Every Day Makeup Essentials

The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Makeup-Blogger-Nars-Mac-Cosmetics-Hourglass-Make-Up-For-Ever-Ruby-Woo-Lipstick-Blush-Girly-Essentials-5Despite having a ton of different makeup in my stash, I find that I am drawn to the same few products on a daily basis—I guess it's similar to having a closet full of clothes, and only wearing the same things over and over again. Now that I'm a little more busy, I don't have as much time to get done up in the morning, as I did before, so I had to switch up my routine to something that I could do as quickly as possible; I've been really into that whole no-makeup-makeup thing, and the following products are what I use to achieve this look effortlessly.The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Makeup-Blogger-Nars-Mac-Cosmetics-Hourglass-Make-Up-For-Ever-Ruby-Woo-Lipstick-Blush-Girly-Essentials-4I usually always have 3-5 different foundations on hand, and which one I go with depends completely on how my skin is behaving, the weather, time of year, and what I'll be doing— it sounds like a lot to deal with, but, it's really just the nature of my skin; it's complicated. Right now, I'm jumping in between two different foundations, and two totally different formulas, because the weather can't seem to decide what it wants to do right now. On days where it's more warm, and I'm more prone to being oily, I stick to my Holy Grail foundation: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ this stuff is just the perfect foundation for people with oil issues. It's also a fuller coverage foundation, so for those days where I have a lot to cover, but I don't want to wear a separate concealer, this is perfect. Additionally, the fact that it is water resistant, and oil free means that it will take a lot to get this foundation to budge, after it sets. On days where the air is more dry (thus my skin is also more dry), I go with a water-based foundation, like MAC Cosmetics Face And Body Foundation—it's a not as full coverage at all, in fact, it's a super light formula, but it is buildable to a medium-ish coverage; that's not a problem though, because the places where I don't get coverage, I just use a bit of concealer (my ultimate favorite is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer) to finish the job. What I love about this foundation is how youthful, and fresh it makes my face look. As much as I love a matte finish, sometimes, I'm not in the mood to look like a porcelain doll. The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Makeup-Blogger-Nars-Mac-Cosmetics-Hourglass-Make-Up-For-Ever-Ruby-Woo-Lipstick-Blush-Girly-Essentials-6Next up, I like to add some dimension and some color to my skin—I love the Sleek Cosmetics Contour KitI only use the contour powder, and it's just a really solid product. Since Sleek caters more to women of color, it's formulated in a way that compliments my skin, and more importantly, isn't ashy or shimmery. I just lightly contour my face, I never really go too heavy handed for an every day look, I just like to bring out my bone structure. As for my blush, MAC Cosmetics Raizin is one of my Holy Grail products, and I have yet to find another color that can be such a workhorse, and so beautiful day in and day out. Raizin is a must-have for us deeper skinned ladies, but, for those with more lighter skin tones, this could make for a great bronzer, or contour; it's deeply pigmented, so, a little goes a long way here. One of the ways I like to use Raizin, besides my cheeks and contour areas, is just a quick sweep across the eyelids.The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Makeup-Blogger-Nars-Mac-Cosmetics-Hourglass-Make-Up-For-Ever-Ruby-Woo-Lipstick-Blush-Girly-Essentials-1Since I tend to wear pretty mattified foundation, I like to add some illumination whenever possible. I don't always use a highlighter, it really depends on my mood, but, lately I haven't been able to not wear Hourglass Cosmetics Lighting Powder in Luminous LightI've had quite a few highlighters that were far too golden (I'm looking at you NARS Albatross), and that's fine for the summer, but in the Fall and Winter, I want a white highlight—and, this one by Hourglass has been really excellent so far. It's a really finely milled powder, with high quality, light reflecting particles that give off the most natural glow that I have ever had from makeup. I was worried that this shade would have been too ashy on my skin, but, so far, so good. I swipe this across my face wherever light naturally hits it, including my brow bone, and under my eyes, for a really subtle highlight.The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Makeup-Blogger-Nars-Mac-Cosmetics-Hourglass-Make-Up-For-Ever-Ruby-Woo-Lipstick-Blush-Girly-Essentials-2Speaking of eyes, I reach for my Lorac Pro Palettedaily. The shadows are soft, extremely pigmented, and versatile—so no matter if you're looking to create a dramatic look, or something more on the natural side, you have all the shades you need to achieve what you want. On a daily basis, I go for a brown smoky eye, so I just stick with Taupe, Sable, and Espresso to achieve that. I also really love Pewter all across the lid, or I'll stick Champagne or Nude right in the corner of my eye, to make myself look more awake. The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Makeup-Blogger-Nars-Mac-Cosmetics-Hourglass-Make-Up-For-Ever-Ruby-Woo-Lipstick-Blush-Girly-Essentials-3Some days, my face makeup is just foundation, blush, brows, and eyelashes. I find that when my eyebrows are done, they make my face look so much more... complete. By no means are my natural eyebrows sparse, or anything, but I love filling them in and creating a more intensified shape. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow pomade, which again, is a perfect product for oilier girls, who have issues with their makeup sliding around. It's smudge-proof and waterproof, so, it truly stays put all day; you could even wear this stuff when you workout if you wanted to, and you'd still have perfect brows when you've finished! I also love playing up my lashes, and L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara is a new favorite of mine. I had it in my Makeup Artist kit, and I used all the time for clients, and finally, I tried it on myself, and fell in love! This stuff is pretty awesome, and I've tried mascaras in many different price ranges, and this is definitely a top ten—I find myself reaching for this daily! The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Makeup-Blogger-Nars-Mac-Cosmetics-Hourglass-Make-Up-For-Ever-Ruby-Woo-Lipstick-Blush-Girly-Essentials-7As for lips, I typically go for my signature matte red lip, Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics; I bought many red lipsticks before I found Ruby Woo, and none of them were the right undertone or finish for me—I wear it almost every single day; and lately, I like to wear it to contrast an almost bare face. It's such a great, easy look, that anyone could wear; and if I'm feeling particularly in a rut, I might switch out Ruby Woo for something more deep and dark, or more neutral like Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural No. 9 Copper Pinkit really just depends. The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Makeup-Blogger-Nars-Mac-Cosmetics-Hourglass-Make-Up-For-Ever-Ruby-Woo-Lipstick-Blush-Girly-Essentials-8I know these last items aren't makeup, but they are definitely essential to my every day routine. I have been absolutely head-over-heels about Elizabeth and James Nirvana White, and Nirvana Black perfumes! They both smell completely different, the White is a feminine, peony musk, and the Black is a more masculine, sandalwood and vanilla scent—I happen to like them both separately, but, layering them together they are amazing! These sample rollerballs are from the launch back in the Spring, and I've barely put a dent in them; I can't wait to get the full sized versions, as I love the packaging for them, and now that I know that I actually really like them both, I would totally splurge and get them for my collection.The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Makeup-Blogger-Nars-Mac-Cosmetics-Hourglass-Make-Up-For-Ever-Ruby-Woo-Lipstick-Blush-Girly-Essentials-9

As you can see, I like to keep my daily makeup really simple; I used to be into really crazy shadows, and lots of this and that, but, now I just like to keep things as basic, and fresh as possible. Lately, I'm either super neutral with a pop of color, or, just plain neutral—I haven't been feeling intense makeup lately; I don't know if it's for lack of time, or lack of interest, but, I really just like not making a huge fuss over my makeup.

What about you, are you drawn to the same things daily, or is switching it up more your style? Let me know in the comments!



Photography by Tasha James