Fringe Benefits

Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-1 copyCrop tops and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly—this one, from H&M is one that I picked up a couple of weeks ago, and even though I wasn't sure how to style it, I had to buy it for the tassel fringe alone. I love when clothing has fun little details that just add a bit of dimension to an otherwise simple piece. The tassels make me feel like dancing, and moving around; I can definitely see this being great for festivals, or a night out dancing. I thought it would be fun to style it for daytime though, and incorporate it into my usual denim uniform.Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-21 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-2 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-15 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-16 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-4 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-23 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-3 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-24 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-8 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-22 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-19 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-6 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-18 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-20 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-7 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-5 copyTasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-HM-Calvin-Klein-Jeans-Bloglovin-Awards-Skate-Park-DC-14 copyThe thing with wearing statement pieces for daytime, is that you definitely have to tone them down with simpler items.

These jeans, which I got for $10 on eBay, are my new favorites! I love the high waist, and light wash, but since I've distressed them, they've taken on a whole new life! I love how the stray threads dance around when I walk, and I thought these would be a great compliment to the fringe on the top. I layered a more structured vest on top, just to tie it all together, and added some strappy sandals to help elongate my legs a bit.

For night, I would probably pair this top with a high waisted pencil skirt, or flowy pants. I like the idea of wearing high waisted items with crop tops, especially this one with the angles it creates, because it just gives a peek of skin, which I think is super sexy, without trying too hard.

How would you guys style this top? I'm curious to know!



Top: H&M // Vest: Forever 21 //  Jeans: Calvin Klein (Vintage + DIY) // Shoes: Asos // Bracelets: Thrifted // Sunnies: Ray-Ban Clubmaster 51mm // Necklace: Luca Jewelry // Rings: Forever 21

Photography by Christopher Cain