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This past Saturday, I wandered into Origins for the first time! I have a friend (whose bomb ass blog you can find here), who sings only the highest of praises for Origins and their skincare! My boyfriend and I happened to be at the mall, when the Origins store caught my eye. I had only intended to browse, but, there were so many skincare solutions around me (and my current skincare isn't cutting it!), that I got caught up in the moment, and bought some stuff!

I've been having major issues with my skin lately, namely dryness, and clogged pores. As a result, my skin is uneven and dull-looking! I've been moisturizing my face at night with Jojoba oil (which does actually help to unclog pores!), but I needed something that was more deep-conditioning, plus oil-free to wear under my makeup. I also wanted to check out an exfoliator, and this is what I ended up with:


Never a Dull Moment caught my eye because of it's beautiful orange color inside of the clear tube. Not being familiar at all with different products within the Origins range, I kind of just went on impulse with this purchase. The woman helping us loved this product, and that reassured me that I was making a good choice.

I cannot tell you all how amazing this stuff really is! It's very gentle on the exfoliation side (but still gives a good scrub!), but where this differs from a normal exfoliator, is that it contains fruit enzymes which help to eat away dead, dull layers of skin clogging up your pores. This product was that first thing I tried on Saturday when I got home! After cleansing my face with my normal cleanser, I massaged this into my skin (and at the recommendation of some reviewers online), I left it on my skin like a mask for about a minute, then washed it off.

You guys. My skin was gah-low-ing!!

I'm so serious, this winter did an absolute number on my skin, leaving it dull and lifeless, this stuff, reversed weeks worth of build up, calmed down some of my breakouts, and made my skin look vibrant and alive!


I also picked up Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturizer (Which apparently hasn't been released yet! Our attendant (helper?), Laurie had to have her manager approve the sale of this item for me, because it's not technically for sale yet! Whaaaat!) She had been sampling it for some time now, and as soon as I mentioned combination skin, she immediately brought this moisturizer out to me, and could not stop raving about it! I have been using this moisturizer since Saturday (I went home and washed my face immediately!), and I have to say, it's been working really well so far.

It is oil-free, has a lovely, energizing citrus scent, and totally nourishes my skin! It even has a slight matte finish, that would make for the perfect base for makeup (I layer SPF 55 on top of this, so I never use it alone as a base)!origins3

Lastly, there was some type of promotion going on where if you buy two full-sized products, you receive a deluxe sample of Modern Friction for free. I tried this product out on Sunday morning, and I was really impressed after one use. My skin was smooth, bright, and and glowy! I will use up my sample before I make up my mind as to the Holy Grail status of this exfoliator, but, I'm going to go out on a limb and say, this might be the one.

I'm still testing all of these out before I give them my final stamp of approval, but I'm loving what I'm seeing so far. There are noticeable differences in my skin from just two days worth of use, and if that's not amazing, I don't know what is.

I go back to Origins this Saturday for my free facial, and wallet-permitting, I might walk away with another product or two or three. I'm looking for a gentle cleanser next, and maybe a clarifying/detox mask!

A monster has been created.


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