riri-summer-beauty-300-94889_0x440 Today is the day! At Noon EST, Rihanna Hearts MAC launches its highly anticipated summer collection featuring three retro matte lipstick shades, a powder blush duo, and lustre drop! For all you ladies who missed out on Riri Woo the first time around, get ready, because it's back!


Riri Woo - Matte cool red - $15 USDHeaux - Matte berry - $15 USDRiri Boy - Matte vivid lavender - $15 USD

RIRIHEARTSMACSKINBarbados Girl - Lustre Drops - $20 USDHibiscus Kiss - Powder Blush Duo - $26 USD

What will you be picking up? Personally, I'll be getting a spare Riri Woo, and Heaux!

You will have to pry my matte red lipsticks from my cold dead hands!


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