Lately, I've been looking for new ways to switch up my workouts. Three times a week, I attend Muay Thai training, and I also try and go running two to three times per week as well. I am looking to lean out my muscles, so I thought I'd give pilates a try. The only problem I have with traditional pilates videos, is that I find the workouts to be so boring.

Enter, Blogilates! A high energy pilates series, instructed by the bubbly, and vibrant Cassey Ho. Normally, I would find people like Cassey annoying (sorry!), she's nice, but it's a lot of energy at once. Working out with her as she talks about her nail polish color, Taylor Swift, or her new favorite song isn't so bad, I actually find that her talking about random things distracts me from the muscle group that is currently being tortured.

I have known about Blogilates for several years, but I don't think I ever bothered to do one of her workouts before a few days ago. Once I stumbled back to her youtube channel, I must have done five different videos in a row (they are fairly short videos)! Blogilates is addictive, I think. One of my favorite workouts (below), is from her Victoria's Secret model series, you work out your inner and outer thighs... in heels!

I was kind of hesitant at first to do this workout, but, I gave it a shot anyway. The heels do feel a bit ridiculous, however, you immediately feel your muscles burn within seconds of the first exercise. This workout reminded me a lot of being on demi-pointe in ballet, to keep balanced, you will ignite several large and small muscle groups in your legs, which makes working out on demi-pointe, and in heels, quite a workout!

If you have about 15 minutes, give this workout a try! Cassey's Victoria's Secret Supermodel Stiletto Legs workout is a killer, and I say this as someone who is used to intense workouts!

So break out your favorite pair of heels (or, hold onto a wall, and do this on demi-pointe if you don't own heels), and let's tone up those legs!


Upon viewing me doing this routine, Christopher laughed, and told me, "It's funny, because you look like Posh Spice working out in heels," 

MA-JAH compliment. 


Posh werks it in heels, and now, so do I!


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