Thank You Mr. Louboutin: The Nudes Collection x Christian Louboutin

Thank You Mr. Louboutin: The Nudes Collection x Christian Louboutin

louboutinembed All I can say is, finally!

Finally, someone understands that the "nude" shoe trend is missing a few shades, i.e. if you have brown skintones, you haven't had much luck in the nude shoe (or nude anything) department. Let's be real, nude colored shoes aren't a new thing, but Christian Louboutin is one of the first major shoe designers in recent years to address this issue head-on.christian-louboutin-the-nudes-pumps-2

Seems kind of silly that in the year 2013, we finally get to celebrate flesh-toned shoes have now come in shades of brown — sort of like, celebrating that McDonald's has real fruit smoothies, shouldn't these things already exist? But in a world that is constantly denying the existence of brown people (sorry, it's true), small victories like this one deserve our attention, and praise.

Will five shades be enough to encompass every skintone in the world? No, of course not. But, by one of the world's most famous shoemakers creating a product that helps to include more people (albeit, rich people who can afford +$700 shoes), hopefully, other companies will follow suit. God knows every other design of Christian Louboutin's has been ripped off and recreated for the masses, so, potentially, we can get some affordable versions of a new nude color palette, which includes shades of nude for all ranges of the human skin spectrum, not just pink-toned white people.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some window shopping to do.


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