You Need To Know: Dylanlex

dylanlex01 There are accessories, and then, there is Dylanlex.

This young jewelry company (run by two sisters, Drew and Lex Ginsburg), makes my jaw drop, every single time. I first noticed their work, when one of their bib necklace pictures made it to the popular page on Instagram last year, and I've been stalking them ever since. The jewelry was originally created from vintage pieces that they found, modified, and reworked, until they had these massive, tribal-esque statement necklaces, and then the looks were uploaded to their blog (Me And Lex), and their Instagram, and well, the rest is history.

As someone who generally doesn't wear much jewelry at one time, by nature, these intricate, and very large bib necklaces shouldn't appeal to me, but they've hit me at my weak spot, effortlessly balancing pretty, badass, sparkly, and bohemian in every piece. The way that these pieces are styled, also appease the minimalist in me. I mean, what else do you need to be wearing when you have on a rhinestone, and silver coin chest plate? Not much else, let me tell you.

dylanlex8 dylanlex7 dylanlex6 dylanlex5 dylanlex4 dylanlex3 dylanlex2 dylanlex10 dylanlex11 dylanlex1After everyone practically begged them to sell their work, they've recently released a six-piece, made-to-order collection ranging in price from $580 to upwards of $980. Since these beauties are well out of my price-range, I'm just reserved to gawking at this point, but if I could swing the price tag, the three necklaces on my wishlist would be Falkor, Dean, and Bowie. DYLANEX02Be sure to follow the Dylanlex ladies on their Instagram to get more eye candy!



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