Rain On My Parade

rain02Happy Saturday! This is just a quick post, of my casual outfit for today. rain07rain05rain04rain01I've been hanging around the house, and getting ready to go run errands in this cold, rainy (we were supposed to have snow again, boo!) weather, so today called for something super casual. I actually just got these jeans, and bag yesterday on my trip to Goodwill, and both of these items were like brand-new when I bought them! I, of course, had to customize my jeans, so I ripped two new holes in the knees, and cut off some of the length, before I threw them in the washer. This is the second pair of new men's jeans I've found while thrifting at Goodwill, so, thanks to whomever keeps donating their unworn denim in Arlington, I love you! Ha!

Anyway, I'm just getting ready to leave the house, but, I hope everyone's weekend is going great so far! Tomorrow, Christopher and I, will be testing for Level 2 at our Muay Thai gym, so wish us luck!!


The Glossier

Coat: Zara // Scarf: Gap // Shirt: Vans // Jeans: Thrifted (J. Crew) // Sneakers: Vans // Beanie: H&M // Bag: Thrifted // Sunnies: Forever 21