Trend Report: Oversized Camel Coat

Trend Report: Oversized Camel Coat
Ugh, I'm still obsessed with Camel colored coats! I haven't gotten one yet, mostly because, I can't find one in the style, and cut that I want (I love the large lapel, menswear inspired ones)! I swear to God, if I knew how to tailor my own outerwear, this would be the first thing I make for myself. Earlier this season, I had my eye on a coat from Zara, but by the time I made up my mind to get it, it was sold out in my size (of course)!

I haven't given up hope in finding a reasonably priced coat yet; the only silver lining is that, if I don't find one this Winter, by next year, they'll be everywhere. That's usually what happens, anyway. I'm not too worried about everyone wearing the same coat next Winter, because, everyone styles it differently. I feel like if I could only have two coats in my closet, it would be a plain black wool coat, and a long camel coat.

What do you guys think? Would you wear this trend? Any tips on where to find an affordable one?


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