Good Morning: Yoga Flow
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photo (2)

Yoga is great way to not only calm and relax your senses, but also, to help connect you to your body, and get you going. I love doing yoga in the morning after I wake up to help release all the tension in my muscles, and get my blood flowing.

I've always had a deep understanding of the benefits of daily stretching, and moreso, the meditative qualities that yoga posses, but, I understand and appreciate it even more lately, now that my workouts are wreaking havoc on my body! 

I recently stumbled onto Adriene's Youtube channel, when I was looking for a new morning yoga video, and I immediately loved her right away. She has a really bright, and warm demeanor, and makes her videos really easy to follow along with. She has two morning yoga videos, and I chose this one because it's really quick, and stretches out all the areas that are tight when I've just woken up.


I think this is great for beginners, since, none of the poses are too advanced (tree pose may be a little tough, but try your best!), and the pace is pretty good; Adriene really encourages you to kind of do your own thing throughout, as this sequence isn't meant to be done to perfection, this is meant to awaken your senses, and wake up your body. So have fun, and relax!

If any of you have any other suggestions for yoga videos or websites, please let me know! I'm always on the hunt for good ones! Namaste! :)


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