One Dress, Three Ways

OD3WMy month-long visit to Charlotte has almost come to an end, but, before I go, I wanted to make a post illustrating how I pack! I believe one of the best ways to maximize your travel wardrobe, is to bring along basic pieces, and then switch up accessories to transform yourself from one look to another. I brought along one of my most favorite pieces, a grey tank dress from Cotton On, and here's how I made three different looks with it!


OD3W8For the first look, I completely transformed my dress, by turning it into an on-trend crop top! I think it's a fun to repurpose things I own, especially when I don't have my whole closet with me on vacation, I have to get creative with what I have so that I don't repeat whole outfits (not that there's anything wrong with that, but, I get bored easily). I totally love the distressed jeans and leather look, so this was a must-have option for me in my suitcase. Knot your dress in front (use a hair tie to keep it neat) and you can wear it with a variety of different bottoms, a long skirt, pencil skirt, cutoffs, etc. Options here are limitless! OD3W7JACKET: H&M // DRESS: COTTON ON // BELT: THRIFTED // JEANS: THRIFTED (DIY) // SHOES: FOREVER 21


OD3W10For this look, I took a vest and belt to cinch in the waist, and create some shape. Adding something that looks a bit more expensive and structured, helps to dress up an otherwise basic piece. Sometimes, to break up a monochromatic look, add some flair with an animal print accessory, instead of a block of color. OD3W9HAT: TARGET // DRESS: COTTON ON // VEST: FOREVER 21 // BELT: EXPRESS // SHOES: FOREVER 21 // BRACELET: THRIFTED


OD3W12If you don't have a belt in your luggage (why wouldn't you though?), you can always try something a little different, and use a scarf to belt your dress, instead! I love the sash-like effect this creates, and it's just a great way to get more use of your scarves! You can change the whole look of your outfit by playing with accessories, so don't be afraid to use things traditionally used to serve one purpose, as something totally different!OD3W11HAT: TARGET // DRESS: COTTON ON // SLEEVELESS VEST: FOREVER 21 // SCARF: H&M // SHOES: FOREVER 21


OD3W4The third look is the most basic, but, I think, a totally necessary look. Most times when you travel, you want something comfy and easy to wear; you could rock this to a baseball game, a stroll around the city, or to a casual family gathering. The tomboy in me lives for dress/sneaker combos, that way, you get the best of both worlds: style and comfort. Pair your dress with bright sneakers, to add some life to a pretty monochrome color palette! Tie a flannel around your waist to get that cinching effect, and also, if you get cold, you can throw it on for warmth! OD3W5TANK DRESS: COTTON ON // FLANNEL: H&M // SHOES: ADIDAS GAZELLE


Which look is your fave: one, two, or three?


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