Dressed up, and dressed down


CHEETAH05Just last week, I was mentioning on my Facebook that I felt that I didn't have enough variation in my wardrobe when it came to bottoms. I have the skinny jeans game on lock, but, there are so many different cuts, and prints, and colors out there, that it seems silly to not experiment a little. That same weekend, I ended up at Reddz Trading in Georgetown, which is a gold mine for lightly used designer items, at really great prices. I tried on only pants that had fun prints, or denim that had a wide or boot cut. I left with a few fun pairs of pants, including these amazing Robert Rodriguez leopard print harem pants. Despite really loving them in the fitting room, I wasn't going to get them, but Christopher insisted, and well, here were are. Actually, this whole outfit is essentially Christopher's idea, to be honest—but, please don't tell him he gets credit for something on my blog, his ego is already big enough as it is. ;)CHEETAH01CHEETAH02I've been hunting for this gold and black trefoil pullover for at least four years, I saw it on Karmaloop, but didn't purchase it (Poor Art Student problems), and I've regretted it terribly ever since then. I was in Urban Outfitters on a whim one day recently, and there it was! Serendipity! Fate! Call it whatever you want! I'm not sure the next time Adidas will release these sweaters, and I wasn't about to wait another four years to find out.CHEETAH07CHEETAH06CHEETAH08CHEETAH04Long story short, it was Christopher's idea to wear them both together. As I was just about to put back these pants, he says, "You should wear them with that Adidas sweater!", and just like that, I was sold! It's definitely something I would have thrown together, eventually, but he saw it working in his head immediately. I really love this look because it's a great mix of casual and glamourous. These pants can easily be dressed up, and the sweater can easily be dressed down, but together, they're a great balance, creating some sort of middle ground for a wearable, yet fun outfit!

I think the moral of this story is, "Just buy it.", seriously, learn from my mistakes. I almost didn't end up with either of these pieces, and it's because I hesitated. Sometimes, when you are shopping, and you're not in love with something, you rightfully put it back, but, those times when you love something, but maybe aren't sure how to style it, you should get it anyway, and figure that part out later. You will regret it, and you could be missing out on some great opportunities to expand your wardrobe!


The Glossier

Sunnies: H&M // Sweater: Adidas // Trousers: Robert Rodriguez // Shoes: Armani Exchange // Nail Polish: Base, OPI 'Russian Navy', Topcoat Urban Outfitters 'Mystic' // Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics 'Flat Out Fabulous'