DENIM05 Lately, I’ve been going through a pretty serious DIY phase— I’ve always loved cutting up my clothes, but, lately it’s gotten majorly out of hand, in a good way. I believe that you should always try to make clothing yours in some way; it may not always have to include taking scissors to your wardrobe, and performing major alterations, it could just be rolling up hems, or simply adding the right accessories.


I was recently gifted quite a few pairs of vintage denim by a friend, and I couldn’t wait to start adding my own touches. This pair I have on here, were a pair of midi shorts, that looked pretty miserable before I took an Xacto blade, and slashed them to shreds. I distressed one side so much, that I completely ripped them open on my way to the rooftop. Now, normally, I’d be super pissed about this, but, I actually really like that one side is just completely gone. My reaction was similar to when Regina George (Mean Girls) put her tank top on after gym class, only to find that someone had cut two holes out where her boobs were, and she just shrugged, and went with it.


To help tone down the destroyed look, I went with dressy suede pumps, and a nice structured vest. The green purse is a recent purchase, and I love that little pop of color it provides. Ironically, I have a terrible phobia of snakes, and the main thing that drew me into this bag (besides the fact that it was 50% off), was the snake print tassels, it was just too cute to resist!


Needless to say, I will be featuring tons of denim looks on my blog over the next few weeks, along with a tutorial on how to destroy your own denim! :)


The Glossier

Sunnies: Rayban Clubmaster 51mm // Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics Riri Woo // Jewelry: Various // Purse: Urban Outfitters // Top: Forever 21 // Vest: Forever 21 // Denim: Gifted // Pumps: Shoemint