Now that Memorial Day has passed, and summer has unofficially started, it's definitely time to start lightening up that wardrobe! I'm mixing my love of pleated tennis skirts with the most recent chambray trend, and I love the combination. I enjoy incorporating aspects of my athletic life into my regular day-to-day style; tennis is a huge part of summer for me, whether I'm watching the tournaments or playing with friends, it's just something I look forward to once the weather is warm enough. Not many current tennis players wear traditional pleated skirts anymore, they are more of a relic from years gone past. When I first started playing in high school, about ten years ago, we were required to have a white and a navy pleated skirt for our games. I still remember how much I loved wearing them; I think it was how structured, yet girly they were. The idea of something being sporty, and feminine at the same time kind of stuck with me through the years.Since the tennis skirt is really the highlight of this outfit, the chambray button up is a nice way to balance all that bare leg action going on. This look is completed with gold jewelry, tortoise shell sunglasses, and white heels. The heels help elongate my legs, and provide some edge. You could totally rock this with a pair of sneakers, if you didn't want to wear the heels; I just like the idea of something less literal, and I will always say yes to added height on my 5'3" frame! I just love being able to mix and match different things in my wardrobe to incorporate current trends with styles I've been wearing for years! Summer is a great time to experiment, you can pretty much get away with anything!


The Glossier

Sunnies: Rayban Clubmaster // Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics Rebel // Jewelry: Various // Purse: Gifted // Top: Old Navy // Skirt: Vintage Reebok // Shoes: Shoemint