By Design

BLUE04When I'm not dressed in head to toe black, one of my favorite combinations to wear is black and white, I know, huge change. However, subtle of a change it is, the combination always packs a huge visual punch. The stark contrast of the tones give a very graphic aesthetic that is fun to play with. BLUE05BLUE10As a Graphic Designer, and creative type, in general, I look at typical problems, like What should I wear today, and try to apply a solution to it, as I would my work. My design style, and my wardrobe are very much similar; minimalism mixed with bold pops here and there. I love taking contrasting elements, and blending them together! In this look, I'm contrasting colors, contrasting textures, and contrasting styles, all at once—I think the key to mixing these things together is keeping all the elements relatively simple, that way, there isn't competition between them, and they blend together effortlessly.BLUE07BLUE06BLUE08BLUE03BLUE02BLUE09Design and dressing yourself are synonymous in my book, because they both are forms of communicating with the world around you. You can say a lot, or a little by how you present yourself, whether you're aware of it, or not. There is so much you can say with colors, patterns, textures, proportions, and with an infinite way to mix and match, there's no limit to what you can convey. xx,

The Glossier

Hat: Urban Outiftters // Dress Shirt: H&M (Men's) // Skirt: Cotton On // Sandals: Forever 21 // Purse: Forever 21 // Sunnies: H&M (Men's)