Sporty Spice

sporty15Sometimes, when you go shopping, you need to look beyond a garment's intended use, and see it in a new way; for example, this swimsuit cover-up by Nike. I knew the moment I bought it that I wouldn't really end up wearing this to the pool, I did wear it to the beach once last summer, but besides that, it's been in my closet, waiting for its moment in the sun. Since mesh panels, and details have been in fashion for the last few seasons, this fully mesh cover-up is perfectly on trend, and more importantly, a great way to play with layering. I found a basic jersey body-con dress at H&M recently, that I knew would be great underneath.sporty12sporty8In keeping with my sporty theme, I paired my dress with a lightweight track jacket, and cute reflective wayfarers. While this outfit would be perfect with sneakers, I went with these cut-out heels, because I love the height, and how long they make my short little legs look. sporty3sporty14sporty4sporty1sporty6sporty11sporty13sporty10sporty5sporty9I constantly shop for my wardrobe in places like The Sports Authority, the athletic section of Marshall's/TJ Maxx, or the like, because I always come away with pieces that are affordable, functional, and wearable. I get some type of weird high, when I find a great deal (this cover-up was $20 on sale, btw), it's like I'm out-smarting all the people who spend 3x more for the same thing—do not get me wrong though, I would spend all of my money on Alexander Wang too, if I had the cash like that, but for now, it's just fun saving money where I can.

So, the next time you go out looking for something, say, clothing or accessories inspired by sportswear, why not go straight to the source, and see what you find?


The Glossier

Sunnies: Thrifted // Cover Up: Nike // Dress: H&M // Track Jacket: Adidas // Shoes: Shoemint