Pants Optional


WHITE11Some days, pants just aren't in the cards for me. As much as I love my denim shorts, and skinny jeans, I love being pants-less more. I'm not an exhibitionist or anything, but, some days I just can't bare the thought of being confined into pants all day. Days when I'm just running errands, or I'm just out and about, I just want to throw on something easy and go. Shirt dresses definitely fit the bill for this, and I love that shirt-dresses, like this one from H&M, are a really cute, feminine take on the classic men's button down; I like that I can pull the drawstrings taut if I need to create more shape around the waist, but, for today, I just left them alone for a more boxy, and less conforming silhouette. WHITE12WHITE03WHITE04WHITE10WHITE05WHITE02WHITE07WHITE06WHITE01WHITE08WHITE09WHITE14Along with my crisp shirt-dress, I kept it rather simple by adding a couple of silver bangles, brown lace-up sandals, and my favorite sunglasses. For days where you don't feel like doing your hair, simply twist up a scarf, and wrap it around your head—it's such an easy and unfussy way to put up your hair (and a good alternative to hats), that you really can't mess this up, no matter how hard you try. Lastly, I threw on some red lipstick, because I've been into bold lips again, and it just looks so glamorous!

Today's look is also kind of inspired by the vacation that I'm not on (wah!), this is totally something I'd rock while sightseeing in Greece, or having wine by a canal somewhere in Italy.

A girl can dream.


The Glossier

Scarf: H&M // Dress: H&M // Sunnies: Ray-Ban Clubmaster (51mm) // Bangles: Various // Shoes: Forever 21 // Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics - Ruby Woo