The Curve is the Word

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you might've seen me post about Kim Kardashian, last week. She, and her sisters are a number of a select few of celebrities whom I really admire fashion-wise—I'm not necessarily a a fan of their exact wardrobes per se, but, I do love that they just wear whatever, no apologies. Kim has curves for days, and an infamous booty, and, she flaunts it so well!

My butt has always been my biggest insecurity, because, growing up, I would always get made fun of for having it. The teasing continued over the years, and then ridicule went to unwanted attention from strange men, and, between that, and never finding clothes that fit, I've just always been over it. I've always felt like the only thing I could really do was to find some way to hide it—oversized shirts, baggier shorts, shirts tied around the waist (and not because it was a part of my outfit), it's exhausting to always have to dress around my butt, not to mention, it doesn't really work, you can't hide a booty, ya'll!

I know this maybe sounds silly to some, but, for me, it's a big headache. But, seeing people like Kim and her sisters go from place to place wearing curve-hugging attire really inspires me—it wasn't always the case, that having a big butt was "in", and back then, people made sure that I knew it. Even when it was light teasing from friends, it always made me self-conscious, and self-aware—but now, I can't muster up a single fuck to give.

One of my favorite looks that Kim rocks so well, is the basic pencil skirt. She's come a long way, in terms of sophistication in her daily dress, and I have to say that I love it. I've always avoided pencil skirts, for the aforementioned reasons, and pencil skirts are not for the faint of heart. Pencil skirts represent the pinnacle of feminine dress to me, they are ultra figure-hugging, and ultra attention-commanding, there's absolutely nowhere to hide when you're wearing one of these. But for all the fear they evoke within me, they are also a garment that I would love to wear more often. They are versatile, classic, easy to wear, and insanely chic. The pencil skirt is actually really flattering, as it cinches in the waist, and creates a beautiful hourglass figure.

This one from Ann Taylor Loft is my most recent consignment success, and as soon as I tried it on, I knew it was mine. I've had quite a few pencil skirts in my life, and none, and I mean, none of them, have fit me the way that this one does. It's almost like it was tailored for my frame—ladies, when you are out shopping, and you try on something, and it fits you like Jesus himself sewed it for you, and placed it on the rack for you to find, you buy it. It's yours.

The point for this post is, I want people to feel more comfortable in their own skin. I know the viewers of this blog range from all sizes, and shapes, and demographics, if just one person relates to me, and I can help them in the way certain public figures help me by just existing, and being themselves, then my job is done! I love sharing my fashion journey with you all, and I can promise you, my posts don't come from a place of me just trying to humble-brag, and show off the latest and greatest, there are plenty of other blogs to check out for that. I'm here purely for the girls and guys that don't always get represented, I say this all of the time, but it's true, representation really does matter. The more diversity we see in the media, and in life, the less we will feel like something is wrong with us because we don't conform. I can tell you all for a fact, this booty of mine doesn't conform to anything, and I think it's time we all followed suit.


The Glossier

Sunnies: H&M // Top: Adidas // Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft // Heels: Aldo // Purse: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target // Rings: Aldo Accessories

Photography: Tasha James