A 90s Moment

pants7Menswear continues to be a staple in my wardrobe, and today is no different, I am wearing a pair of pleated-front, black slacks. These pants are super wide legged on me, and taper at the waist. Paired with a top tied in a knot, a slicked back chignon, and layered necklaces, I just feel so 1993. I'm not mad though, the 90s have made a huge revival in fashion lately, everything from Clueless-inspired getups, to vintage Versace, to grunge have reemerged, catapulting us back to a time in fashion where pretty much anything went. Today's look definitely feels like a throwback to Janet Jackson and Madonna's era—I feel like they pretty much had the Menswear-On-Ladies game locked.pants3pants12pants6pants5pants8pants2pants1pants10pants11I definitely think that if you're going to rock this type of pant, you absolutely have to make sure your top is cropped, or fitted, because there is so much volume on the bottom, that adding volume to the top will just make you appear bigger than you are. By adding a belt, and cinching the waist, you can help create definition in that area, and break up the look a bit. You'll have to play around with the proportions, and see what works best for your body.

What things from the 90s are you happy to see back in fashion? What things could we have left behind?


The Glossier

Top: Cotton On // Pants: Dockers // Shoes: Forever 21 // Bracelets: Various // Sunnies: Forever 21