Top Ten Basic Wardrobe Essentials

STYLEBasics1IN A DREAM WORLD, we would all have showroom-sized walk-in closets filled to the brim with racks and racks of different clothes: glamorous gowns, jackets made with luxurious fabrics, every kind of shoe, jewelry for days, purses galore, and so on. But, in the real world, we all have closets that are too small for our needs, and we have to be picky about what makes it into our homes, and what doesn't.

This is partly why I love the concept of having very basic clothing around, because they are the building blocks for your wardrobe—typically, these are items that are classic in style, fit you well, and are on the neutral side of the color spectrum. If you had to build a new wardrobe from scratch, these are the items you should buy first.

Obviously, the items on this list are more on the expensive/aspirational side, but these simple, basic items can be easily obtained at any price range. I always look to high-end pieces as inspiration for my own wardrobe, as do most people. Because of the more tailored nature of luxury items, I love shopping in places with slimmer, more European cuts like Zara, and H&M which can replicate tailoring, but for a fraction of the cost—sometimes, it can be a major crap-shoot, but, other times, you can find things like jackets, shirts, and denim that fit like they were made exactly to your measurements.

Keeping items around that are neutral: black, white, tan, and grey ensure that you will have outfits that are easily mixed and matched, hopefully, eliminating that awful feeling that you have 'Nothing to wear'—hopefully. But, seriously, having even a small variety of tops and bottoms (as seen above), you can create a large number of different combinations, that make you look polished, and put-together, with almost no effort at all.

I would love to know what some of your favorite basic wardrobe essentials are, do we have any items in common? Leave me a comment below!


The Glossier


1. Moto Jacket — IRO // 2. Clubmaster Sunnies — RAY-BAN // 3. Wool Hat — RAG & BONE // 4. Boyfriend T-shirt — LOT78 // 5. Skinny Ankle Jeans — PAIGE // 6. Black Pumps — MANOLO BLAHNIK // 7. Pencil Skirt — SELLA  // 8. Bold Print Dress — ALEXANDER McQUEEN // 9. Black Blazer — DKNY // 10. Bucket Bag — SAINT LAURENT PARIS

Graphic by: Tasha James