New Look

Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-Jeffrey-Campbell-Lindy-All-Black-2Hey guys! It's been a while since my last post, and it's just because I've been bouncing all over the place lately, and I totally didn't have time to write posts—despite have tons of content on my hands. I'm working on quite a few projects currently, both personal, and for other people, so it's been kind of hard to balance so many things at once; nonetheless, my blog, and all of you guys reading it, are super important to me, and I want to make sure that I keep up with it the best I can! One of the major things on my To Do list recently, was a site redesign—as some of you might have noticed, my site was down for a few days this past week, and that was so that I could work on the new design of my blog! I'm totally in love this new design—I think it's still really true to my original blog, with a clean and minimal layout, but, I find that the Devil is in the detail, and this new design is much more easy for me to update, has a much more elegant appearance, and hopefully, it will more easy for you to navigate. I still have some changes to make here and there, so, things might look even more different as weeks go by. But, for now, I'm really happy with the redesign—oh, how I love change!

Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-Jeffrey-Campbell-Lindy-All-Black-8Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-Jeffrey-Campbell-Lindy-All-Black-4Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-Jeffrey-Campbell-Lindy-All-Black-5Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-Jeffrey-Campbell-Lindy-All-Black-6Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-Jeffrey-Campbell-Lindy-All-Black-1Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-Jeffrey-Campbell-Lindy-All-Black-3Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-Jeffrey-Campbell-Lindy-All-Black-9Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-Jeffrey-Campbell-Lindy-All-Black-7 Of course, I wanted to give you guys a new outfit post as well, and I wanted to share this look from earlier in the week. I love this black jersey midi dress by Cotton On, that I knotted to the side for a touch of personalization. I added some simple jewelry, a black wool hat (of course), and my favorite shoes that I almost never wear, called, Lindy by Jeffrey Campbell. This look is pretty casual overall, but the shoes definitely steal the show—I love how fun the pink wedge is! I also love my braids, I did them myself about two weeks ago, now that the season is about to change, I thought my hair should change as well! Plus, braids are a great protective style, my hair grows like crazy every time that I have my hair like this, due to lack of heat and over-manipulation—mostly, I just love how bohemian they look, and I love that I don't have to spend much time at all styling my hair!

Anyway, today, I'll be in New York covering the Capsule Show! I'm really excited to see what things are in store for Spring and Summer 2015, and, I can't wait to report back! In the meantime, make sure to follow my daily adventures and random musings on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!



Photography by Tasha James