The Glossier And The City: NYC x VSCO Diary


Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-1Saturday was such a whirlwind, one minute I'm in DC, and the next minute I'm in New York, exploring the Capsule Show, and the city itself. I love New York, every time I visit, I just get so taken in by its unique vibe, and energy. I always feel so motivated to work hard when I'm here, too, there's just this sense that everyone is hustling—even on the weekends. We lucked out and came on a day where it was really overcast (and eventually rainy), which makes everything look even more dramatic than it already is; it's really hard to not fall in love with NYC when it looks like this. We walked much of the city, got rained on, and despite tired bodies, and especially tired feet, I couldn't have had a better Saturday. We brought along so many different cameras, but these images were all taken on my iPhone, and processed with VSCOcam, my favorite photo-editing app. These are just a quick glimpse at our day—but, definitely stay tuned for another NYC post, where I go over the Capsule Show more in-depth!Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-2Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-3Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-4Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-5Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-6Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-7Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-8Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-9Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-10Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-11Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-13Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-14Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-15Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-16Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-17Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-18Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-19Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-20Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-21Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Beauty-Lifestyle-Blogger-DC-Arlington-Top-Streetstyle-Editorial-NYC-Capsule-Show-VSCOcam-21My main purpose for visiting New York on Saturday was to hit up the Capsule Show, a fashion tradeshow, where new, and sometimes already established designers bring out all of their latest and upcoming fashions, accessories, jewels, and shoes for preview; this was my first year attending, so, I wasn't totally sure what to expect. Christopher came with me, and helped me take video and photos, and, overall, we both really enjoyed the experience! There were some truly great brands and designers in attendance, and we were lucky enough to talk with them, to get some insight as to what inspired their collections for Spring/Summer '15.

We spent a few hours at the show, because there were tons of designers to see, and afterwards, we went exploring the city. We had lunch at a really cute Italian restaurant called, Acqua, in the Financial District. We also got a chance to finally see the new World Trade Center and memorials; that experience was both breathtaking, and chilling. It's beautiful that New York was able to rebuild after 9/11, and eventually build One World Trade Center (which is a stunning building), but those waterfall memorials are a painful reminder of what was there, and why it's gone— and, it's hard not to feel incredible sadness when you're looking into a deep, dark hole. I'm sure it's no coincidence that it started raining heavily as soon as we arrived to it.

After we visted the WTC for a bit, we scurried to the Subway—getting rained on the entire way, mind you, and then, we headed Uptown. We stopped at H&M, because I had to buy boots; I had been in flats the whole time, and my feet were totally soaked—not to mention, I'm a complete germaphobe, and the idea of water from NYC sidewalks on my feet was causing me to have a panic attack! I posted these cherry red combat boots on Instagram yesterday, and I'll probably post them again, and again, because they are perfect, and I never want to take them off! Once our mini shopping trip ended, we headed back out to visit another store that we'd really been wanting to visit, but it was closed, and it was a total bummer(womp womp). But still, it was fun navigating through the Subway and the streets; the change of scenery and pace was much-needed.

Sadly, we weren't able to stay the whole weekend, but, just spending 12 hours in the city was enough this time around. We're totally wiped out, and sore, but, it was worth it! I hope you all had a great weekend, as well!



Photography by Tasha James