Tartan Is The New Black

"Tartan? For Fall? Groundbreaking." As non-revolutionary as breaking out Tartan in the Fall may seem, I just can't get enough. Some things come around every season, without fail, because they are classics. Tartan is something that I never get tired of seeing, and I especially love seeing how people interpret this pattern into their wardrobes. Tartan can come in an array of different color combinations, but, my all time favorite color combo is blue and green. These ankle pants (from Zara) are a staple in my closet come Fall/Winter, ever since I bought them a couple of years ago; I find that they work well with a plethora of different looks: they can be preppy, punk, conservative, flirty, etc., and I love that I'm able to switch it up, if I wanted to. Some people might find dressing in tartan tricky, but, honestly, treat it almost like a neutral, and you can wear it with whatever you want!

This time around, I opted for something a bit more preppy/collegiate; I love this Varsity sweater (Forever 21), the huge W was a big reason that I bought it, it's like I'm repping Team Winston (my English Bulldog/love of my life) whenever I have it on! I broke up all the navy in this look with my favorite leather jacket (H&M), and ankle strap heels (Forever 21),  it was just an easy way to add some edge, so that I didn't end up looking like I should be at a pep rally.

That said, I have been really inspired by Back-to-School (even though everyone has been back in school for over a month now), especiallynow that it's cooler outside, and the leaves are finally changing, it's really making me nostalgic for my own school days, and it's definitely coming across in my wardrobe choices lately—maybe it's the universe telling me that it's time to hit the books, again?! I don't know! I think if I went back to college, I would major in History (I would love to focus on WWII) or a Foreign Language! What about you guys, what are you studying in school, or what would you go back to learn?



Heels: Forever 21 // Pants: Zara // Sweater: Forever 21 // Jacket: H&M 

Photographed by Chris Cain, edited by Tasha James