Winter Blues

The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-2I've always had a soft spot for the denim on denim (Canadian Tuxedo) look, and have attempted it a couple of times before, but there's something about this classic, easy combination, plus a longline camel coat that have me feeling like I've struck gold in my closet. Since I purchased this coat from Missguided back in November, I've been wearing it incessantly; every outfit feels instantly elevated, and sophisticated, and pulled together—it's like coat crack, I cannot stop wearing it! I'm actually kind of bummed at the prospect of Spring coming, because then I'll have to pack it up, and then, I'll have to find something else to fill the void. So, I apologize in advance for the amount of times you'll have to see this thing in my pictures—and, by apologize, I mean, I'm not actually sorry, and you'll basically just have to deal with it.The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-3The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-14The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-5The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-9The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-8The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-16The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-10The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-15The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-13The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-4The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-11The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-12The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-6The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Top-Fashion-Blogger-Camel-Coat-Missguided-Denim-Canadian-Tuxedo-Gap-Adidas-Monochrome-1Aside from the coat, the main goal of my outfit was to be super comfortable, Christopher and I were filming with a client on the day we did this shoot, and it just felt appropriate to wear something I could easily move in, but feel really cute in at the same time. I kept the entire look monochrome, but, I almost had a moment where I was going to swap the shoes for something a bit taller (and black), but, I'm glad I stuck with my blue sneakers, they're adorable and more importantly, they are comfy as hell.

Since this shirt is a Men's shirt (that I basically commandeered from Christopher), tucking it completely into my jeans would've been too much: too many lumps and awkward folds due to all of the extra fabric, whereas leaving it completely untucked would've made me look like I was drowning in fabric, so I took some inspiration from fashion goddess Style Pantry, and tried out a half-tuck. I'm loving this idea because I can still somewhat show off my figure, and add some visual interest, but also partake in oversized shirt goodness.

Anyway, three cheers for tomboy chic saving my entire life recently! It's warm, and cute, and basically effortless. My kind of outfit!

What are your go-to looks or pieces in your closet that you've been loving a lot lately?



Coat: Missguided // Shirt: Gap 1969 (Men's) // Jeans: American Eagle (DIY) // Shoes: Adidas Gazelle // Sunnies: Ray-Ban Clubmaster (51mm) // Belt: Express // Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo // Extensions: c/o Kurly Klips

Photography by Christopher Cain