Review: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (New Orleans)

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As someone with extremely troublesome skin, with issues ranging from hyperpigmentation, oiliness, dryness, uneven texture, etc. I have a really difficult time with finding foundations that can address multiple issues at once. Mostly, I just stick with heavy matte foundations that just cover everything in one swoop, but, sometimes, I would love my foundations to have some luminosity, and give me that J. Lo glow, but, due to having oily skin, that's a risky move, a move which ends with me looking like a total greaseball. That said, imagine my excitement when I heard about NARS' new All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation—a foundation promising lightweight, full coverage, luminosity, and staying power, for all skin types. Well, I don't know about you, but when something has this many claims, I get suspicious; how could they possibly provide that many solutions in one formula? NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is my first NARS liquid foundation, I once tried out the NARS Sheer Glow, and that ended badly. I never got around to trying the Sheer Matte version, as I already owned a bunch of matte foundations and other ones caught my eye over the years. A few weeks ago, I went into Sephora to finally pick it up, and found this new one was in its place, and Sheer Matte had been discontinued.

Starting off, this is what NARS claims the foundation will do: "An oil-free foundation that delivers full, natural-looking coverage with one drop, for lightweight, 16-hour wear. Achieve full-coverage, lightweight foundation that leaves a natural finish. Highly pigmented and perfectly balanced, this breakthrough, full-coverage formula builds and blends effortlessly. Its Even Tone Technology instantly neutralizes redness and dullness, while it works to reduce discoloration for more even, uniform skin. Perfect for all skin types, it features Weightless Long-wear Technology, an exclusive blend from NARS with flexible polymers and treated pigments that move with the skin while providing 16 hours of staying power."

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Before I get into whether or not the foundation does these things, let's talk about a few things first: The foundation comes in a range of twenty different shades and undertones, which I think is great! I actually already owned the NARS Powder Foundation in New Orleans, so, I assumed that I was the same shade in this liquid foundation as well. The Sephora lady did a demo on my skin, and the shade looked great, with nice even coverage (all though, she definitely used more than one drop), and the luminosity totally sold me!

This retails for $48 dollars, and you get 1 fluid ounce of product. This is the only NARS foundation that comes with a built in pump, so no messy bottles or wasting product. This product is quite liquidy for a full-coverage foundation, and I imagine the decision to include a pump is because they promise coverage with just one drop.


The packaging itself is really lovely; it's got a taller bottle than the previous foundations, and beautiful frosted glass. It's quite luxurious-feeling, and it also feels very sturdy. The pump delivers a very minimal amount of product (see below), so that you can get just the right amount of product out, and keep from wasting the rest. I feel like the product should last quite a while, which almost makes up for the pricing. Again, the consistency is pretty runny, very out of the norm for full coverage foundations. Despite the texture, the coverage is actually really excellent. I have pretty dark hyperpigmentation right now, so some of it was just too dark to cover with this (which is fine), but for everywhere else, I found the coverage was definitely full on. I used a makeup brush to apply, but, NARS recommends applying this with your hands to warm up the product. I will have to try that method, even though I loathe applying makeup with my fingers, I don't like the mess. I find that a brush or beauty blender can make it look kind of streaky/patchy, which is annoying; and, because, you have to work pretty fast (this stuff sets quickly), blending can be kind of a pain.

This formula is also true to claim as being weightless, I almost always forget I have this on, and there have been a few times where I rub my face, and end up with a handful of foundation. I know that doesn't sound fun (it's not), but, let me tell you, this stuff seriously feels like nothing on my skin. I completely go about my day, and forget I have this on for the most part.

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Staying power, however, is another story. The foundation should last 16-hours, but, I imagine none of you are wearing it for that long, though. I wear mine for about eight hours every day, at the most. I'd say within four to six hours of having this on, you need to touch it up. I have oilier skin, so after a while the oil gets going and it's time to blot, this happens with all of my foundations. On the flip side, I also have dryness (yay, winter!), and some dry patches where this likes to stick to. I also notice this foundation will also find a way to settle into the most tiny places, like fine lines on my forehead. I don't find that it bothers me too much, but, I want to point that out, in case someone out there gets bothered by that sort of thing. Winter just makes my skin look and behave like crap, so, I can't knock the foundation for that, it's only job is coverage, and not correcting unfortunate issues I'm having at the moment.Overall, I really like this foundation! I think it covers my skin beautifully, and makes it look very healthy and glowing. I haven't been able to cover my entire face with one drop, however, so, as far as that claim goes, it's pretty much a stretch for people who don't already have nice skin. I use about one pump per side of my face, and I found that that works well—using more than two pumps makes the foundation feel very heavy and cakey, so, if after two pumps I still don't have the coverage I need, I use concealer.

Some other things to note before I go, this foundation contains zero SPF. Make sure you always use a sunscreen under this foundation if you plan on wearing it outside. I layer a Vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen before applying my foundation.

I'm definitely going to give this product a big thumbs up! It works well enough for what I need it for, and it's just such a pretty finish! If you're not convinced that it's the right foundation for you, I would highly recommend going into a Sephora, and asking for a sample. They are pretty sizable samples, and you can test it for at least a week or two before committing to a purchase. It's definitely worth a try!

Let me know if you have tried this, or if you have a favorite full-coverage foundation you recommend!



NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (New Orleans) at Sephora

Photography by Tasha James