Summer Layers

Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-5I'm someone who, no matter what season it is, loves to layer. I feel like outfits are never complete as is, and to make a look totally your own thing, you have to add in some flavor! I've mentioned before how I think jackets (blazers in particular) do a lot to finish a look, but, usually in a structured kind of way. This jacket from Adidas has zero structure, is wispy and light, but still manages to finish off my outfit, and with so much attitude to boot.Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-15Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-2Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-19Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-11Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-7Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-23Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-8Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-17Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-18Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-3Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-22Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-1Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-6Tasha-James-The-Glossier-Fashion-Beauty-Style-Blogger-Adidas-Originals-Palm-Tree-Hawaiian-Gwen-Stefani-Zara-Dr-Denim-Kurly-Klips-Outfit-Lookbook-21

This jacket is a lot of fun to wear! I tied it around the waist, because I think it makes for a nice pop of color between the light top, and light jeans. It's perfect as a jacket too, lots of air comes through and helps to keep you cool, and in terms of styling, the barely there Hawaiian print and stripes add a subtle boldness, and contrast. I bought it in large, because I live for the oversized look, and since it's not super fitted on me, it looks really cool blowing in the wind behind me when I walk. Most important feature to look for when picking out mesh jackets, I think.

The Dr. Denim boyfriend jeans are super comfortable, and I like how they aren't the least bit stiff, or constricting! These are actually slouchy on me, which almost never happens due to my, um, ass-ets. The top, from Forever 21, is also perfect for layering! It's actually a men's top (I had no clue until I went to check out), but I just loved the distressed detail and the large arm holes—you could wear a cute bralette, like I did, or a bandeau to A) avoid major bare sideboob (unless that's your thing), and B) just add some texture underneath. Typically, it's my jeans that are distressed, but lately, I've been really into these pre-distressed tops. That being said, I only buy them pre-distressed from places like Forever 21 where they are dirt cheap. Anything more than $15 for a shirt with a bunch of holes already in it, is a total ripoff.

Lastly, I think the heels were necessary to take this from super bro status, to like, Gwen Stefani-tomboy-kawaii-cool. I adore the transparent vinyl detail around the top of the shoe, and I think it worked well with this look considering every other piece was transparent/see-thru in their own way. Luckily, these heels are rather comfortable to wear, and walk in, so, these are totally date-night, office, or prancing in a parking lot approved.

I'm all about the relaxed layers this summer, it's barely June and we've already experienced near-90 degree temperatures, this summer will be no joke! The Summer Struggle every year remains: How To Look Cute Without Melting. This is one way to do it.



Jacket: Adidas Originals // Top: Forever 21 (Men's) // Bralette: Ebay // Jeans: Dr. Denim (My Boy) // Shoes: Zara // Hair: c/o Kurly Klips // Lips: MAC Cosmetics 'Ruby Woo'