Balancing Act

The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-4I think I need to develop a line of blazers, and jackets, no? My growing obsession is beginning to spiral out of control, but, for good reason—blazers are life! I finally found a white blazer for summer, that I couldn't wait to wear! The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-1The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-13The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-21The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-11The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-8The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-3The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-22The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-14The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-16The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-6The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-12The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-7The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-20The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-15The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-5The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-19The-Glossier-Fashion-Style-Blogger-DC-Black-Leather-Shorts-White-Blazer-2

I've been looking for a cool, white blazer for some time, and I finally stumbled onto one at H&M recently. White blazers for the summer are definitely a must! I enjoy the minimal, sleek aesthetic, and high contrast against darker looks.

I love that this jacket is a bit longer in length, so it helped counter the skin showing in my mid-section, and legs. I like to counterbalance too much skin showing, sometimes, instead of going full-on with everything, I just like to dial it back a bit. I'm also a fan of the contrasting materials: the smooth leather shorts, textured top, and sleek white jacket all play on each other, and make the outfit look more expensive than it actually is. I think anytime you have faux leather in the mix, you should add in a different texture to help contrast it, and offset it a bit.

These heels, from Charlotte Russe, are definitely my new favorites! The cutout detail is very modern, and sexy. I love the nod to the nineties here, but done in a very updated way. These pointed heels paired with the shorts make my legs look elongated, which, as a 5'3" girl, is a Godsend.

On the topic of balancing, I think for me, it's important to balance out my wardrobe. I can go for weeks wearing a similar thing, and even if it feels boring or stale, I still go for it because I'm comfortable in it. The new challenge is to offset those days wearing something a little more daring, and fun! You have to have both things. Staying in your comfort zone is understandable, but, don't forget to take a few risks as well. They may just pay off!



Sunnies: Forever 21 // Jacket: H&M // Top: Cotton On // Shorts: H&M // Shoes: Charlotte Russe // Body Chain: Nasty Gal // Bar Necklace: Luca Jewelry // Crescent Necklace, Earrings, & Teardrop Bracelet: Rocksbox (use code theglossierxoxo for a free month!)

Photos by Christopher Cain // Edited by Tasha James