The White Idea

The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-8Lately (as you can probably guess), I've been obsessed with all-white outfits. Typically, I'm someone who is cursed when it comes to all-white, I almost always come home with some crazy stain, in some place I didn't even know you could get stains. Recently, though, I've been pretty good with keeping my white clothes clean, so, just as anyone with a streak such as mine would do—I'm pressing my luck.The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-11The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-1The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-18The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-5The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-13The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-2The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-17The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-15The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-6The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-16The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-12The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-19The-Glossier-Blogger-Fashion-Style-All-White-Summer-Lookbook-7I love this sporty mesh top from Forever 21, it's a great play on a football jersey, and gives any look just the right amount of sportiness. I paired the top with some white ripped jeans from H&M, which I actually picked up on a recent thrifting trip for $3 (YASSSS). I can't stop wearing black this summer (it's a sickness), so, of course I busted out my trusty H&M faux leather jacket, and a cute little purse from Forever 21. So, I guess I'm technically in monochrome territory, but, whatever, let's not get technical.

I have a few more white looks that will be posted soon, and then, I think it's time to go back to the dark side for a while, where at least I can spill things on myself and no one would know about it.



Jacket: H&M // Top: Forever 21 // Jeans: H&M (Thrifted+DIY) // Shoes: Shoemint // Bag: Forever 21 // Sunnies: Quay Australia // Rings: Forever 21 // Necklace: LUCA Jewelry