Luca Jewelry: Raising The Bar

The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Luca-Jewelry-9If I'm being honest, I'm not much a fan of statement jewelry—diamonds and gems aren't my thing, pearls make me feel old, and wearing tons of pieces at once makes me feel claustrophobic. I prefer my jewelry pieces to be really subtle, and dainty, and almost non-existent. I hate feeling like something is wearing me, and not the other way around. A couple of years ago, I was on a nameplate kick—I believe I had been watching reruns of Sex and the City, and Carrie's infamous nameplate necklace made me really want one. I've had the script necklaces like hers before, and I've even had an Arabic one (that I lost, sadly), but I thought it would be nice to get a new one. I looked a lot of places online, and then I stumbled onto Luca Jewelry's Etsy page, and died and went to heaven.  The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Luca-Jewelry-10The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Luca-Jewelry-8The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Luca-Jewelry-3The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Luca-Jewelry-2The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Luca-Jewelry-4Like, I mentioned, I'm not a huge fan of fancy, frilly jewelry, and while Carrie's necklace was my main inspiration for my search, Luca Jewelry and their minimalist golden bars just felt more me.

I immediately ordered the horizontal bar, and instead of my name, I had it engraved with the Roman numerals of my favorite Shakespearean sonnet (CXXVII), nerdy, I know, but it's fun to talk about when people ask, and getting my name engraved seemed kind of boring, at the time. In the two years since I've purchased it, I think I've taken it off only a handful of times, and you've seen it in almost all of my outfit posts here on the blog. It's definitely gone from being just a piece of jewelry, to becoming a part of me in a way. I couldn't imagine being without it.

Geeta, the designer, recently sent me the vertical bar, which I had engraved with 'If', the title of my favorite Rudyard Kipling poem—this necklace is just as sleek and minimal as the horizontal bar I had already, but because it falls so low (ahem, hello cleavage), it has a totally different vibe to it. This has been just the thing I needed for more dressy occasions, it obviously compliments a plunging neckline beautifully.

Luca Jewelry is all handmade, and customizable—and there are plenty of options in their shop, if gold bars aren't your thing. Not to mention, every piece in their shop is affordable, while being of extremely high quality. You can get your jewelry in either sterling silver, or 14k gold filled. The care, and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces is outstanding—my two year old necklace is still just as gold, and shiny as ever!

I'm definitely going to keep expanding my Luca collection, and I hope you look into getting some of their pieces for yourself (or a loved one), you won't be disappointed.



Jacket: Express, Thrifted // Necklaces: Luca Jewelry (Horizontal , $45/ Vertical, $44 (Courtesy of Luca Jewelry) // Belt: Thrifted // Glasses: Warby Parker (Winston)

Photography by Christopher Cain, Hey Bulldog Studios