NYFW: Mathieu Mirano Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

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'Movement without movement' is what young designer Mathieu Mirano had in mind for his new collection for Spring/Summer 2016. The pieces twist around the body, creating the illusion of movement, even when the wearer is standing still — in motion, however, the fabrics become hypnotic, it’s easy to get lost in the floating chiffon panels, and flickering sequin fringe. Whether standing still, or not, these gowns cannot be missed. Panels of ombre panne velvet, and specially crafted sequins were used to keep the eye moving; there are no linear lines, or single colors used in this collection. The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-22 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-1The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-8

Mathieu found his muse during a recent family trip  the Amazon rainforest. There, he was inspired by the colors, movement, and dimensions of nature. He says, “I have always been moved by nature and science. My aim is to energize the field around the body and electrify it with my work. I want to design garments that are as amazing and liberated as the women who wear my collection.” The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-24 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-17 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-4 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-9 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-21 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-2 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-12 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-18 copy

Several pieces are actually separates; when worn together, they give the illusion of a full gown, but these pieces can easily be separated and incorporated into your wardrobe. This transitional aspect is homage to his native New York, where women crave versatile pieces to get them from day to night easily.The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-27 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-14 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-19The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-5 copyThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Fashion-Blogger-NYFW-Mathieu-Mirano-SS16-Collection-New-York-City-23 copy

Skillfully handmade in NYC, Mathieu Mirano SS16 is a vibrant, powerful, and feminine collection of dresses and separates that curve and hug around the body, and capture the essence of life — energy flows all around us, we can either chose to ignore it, or like Mr. Mirano, we can be electrified and inspired by it.



Photography by Tasha James - if using these images please credit @theglossier on social media, or Tasha James.