The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-43The Tracy Reese Spring/Summer 2016 show was a bold display of girl power. Flirty, and feminine were the two words that came to mind as flowy dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts came marching down the runway. In keeping with the theme of transparency, lace, silk, and even vinyl, were layered atop camisoles, bralettes, and sheer hosiery. Classic spring elements were present, like floral prints, and breezy dresses—but a few pleasant surprises were there, like the looks containing sequins, and metallic accents. The outwear was also lovely, the favorite being a jeweled canary yellow trench with raw edges. I also really enjoyed the addition of capes to some of the dresses, they added such a dramatic element to an otherwise simple look. All of these pieces seemed as though they could easily assimilate into your wardrobe, there were plenty of light, layerable pieces, to mix and match with, or some slightly theatrical pieces that were just meant to be worn alone as a statement. Nothing was skin tight, or body-hugging, deeming these looks extremely wearable for everyday—it may be a little tough to pull off that head to toe neon pink look, however. Plenty of these pieces could easily transition between a day at the office, or a night on the town. Another pleasant surprise was learning that all the footwear was designed by Sarah Jessica Parker—we saw many of the same elements and colors from the clothing design, incorporated in the shoes as well. The translucent vinyl ankle boots with the capped toe and stacked heel were especially great, and that same style boot was also done in a multi-glitter, brown, green, and metallic pink version. There were also more classic silhouettes, like almond toe pumps, and sandals in the collection.The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-44 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-1 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-2 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-32 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-35The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-31 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-40The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-46The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-12The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-30 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-42 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-15The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-21 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-28 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-29 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-9 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-45 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-27 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-20The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-18The-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-10 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-16 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-23 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-38 copyThe-Glossier-Fashion-Blogger-Style-Tracy-Reese-NYFW-New-York-2015-SS16-39 copyDid you see anything in this collection you liked? I'm still drooling over this yellow trench! I think I'd roll up the sleeves, pair it with some cut-off denim shorts, a white tee, and cute sneakers—just to tone it down a little. I'm also really in need of the translucent ankle boots! What a cute idea for a springtime shoe!



Photography by Tasha James – if using these images please credit @theglossier on social media, or Tasha James.