Olive, Take Two.

The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--7No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, I'm wearing olive and black, again. I'm so into this color combination right now, it's insane. This look is definitely more girly compared to the bomber that look that I wore a week or so ago—last time, I had a bit of a rummage through my boyfriend's closet, and this time, I'm rummaging through what appears to be my pajama drawer. I love the idea that slip dresses are becoming a thing again, I suppose we can thank people like Rihanna who do actually leave the house in their pajamas, looking mighty fabulous, and no one bats an eyelash.The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--6.jpgThe-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--8The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--16The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--12The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--18The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--1The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--14The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--4The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--19The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--10The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--5The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--15The-Glossier-Tasha-James-Style-Fashion-Blogger-DC-HM-Target-Altuzarra-Forever -21-Monochrome-Lookbook--2Sadly, I am not Rihanna.

However, I still loved wearing this satin-y dress in daytime. I paired it with a pair of sleek over-the-knee boots; these were apart of the Altuzarra for Target line, and I love that they are actually pretty comfortable to wear, despite what they look like. The play of leather and satin, and lace, just make me really happy. The high boots and slip dress combo can definitely be a little much on their own, so to tone it down, I added a sleeveless vest—it's long enough to cover everything, but short enough that just a peek of lace dips below the hem, and I don't lose that dainty detail.

Us DC folk have been pretty lucky with the weather this past week, it's kind of nice that the weather is warm enough to go coatless (or pantsless), and yet, we still get the gorgeous Autumnal leaves falling all around us. It's kind of crazy how it feels like one season, but looks like another. Stay weird, DC.

Anyway, I'd love to hear how you would style a slip dress for day, or night! Maybe this will spark your look for the upcoming weekend, or holiday parties ahead.



Photography by Christopher Cain, Hey Bulldog Studios

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