DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

When a Muppet and a candy cane have a baby, this sweater is what you get.

I have been dying to create my own ugly sweater for Christmas for some time now, and this year, as soon as my friend's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party invite came, I knew it was finally my chance to make a holiday monstrosity of my own.

My inspiration was definitely candy canes (I love the color combo), and I also wanted to create something that wasn't the typical ugly Christmas sweater—you know, the tinsel garland, and ugly ornaments thing. Also, as ugly as I wanted this to be, I also wanted it to be quite fashionable—which, to be clear, it totally isn't—but, I tried to make it the best of both worlds despite the odds. 

Anyway, this is actually a really easy to do, it just took up a lot of time because it's kind of tedious—luckily, it gave me something to do as I watched Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and Love Actually for the millionth time each. 

Basically, I just made a ton of tassels from yarn, and then sewed them onto this sweater I found at Savers (which was pretty ugly to begin with, to be honest)—I followed the V-shape that the sweater already had, and just kept adding tassels until the whole front was filled with them. Last minute, I added tassels on the sleeves, because they looked so plain in comparison. I probably spent way too many hours making this, but the result was worth it. I won Ugliest Sweater at my friend's holiday party, so, Mission: Accomplished.



Photography by Christopher Cain, Hey Bulldog Studios

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