Take It Easy

Take It Easy

Man, this weather has been such a bummer lately. I definitely don't feel the winter or holiday spirit, and I especially don't feel like putting on anything in particular, because I'm so annoyed that I'm not able to wear all my chunky sweaters and knits that I was so looking forward to.

So, I've just been gravitating to super basics, and what's more basic than a t-shirt and jeans? I am slowly getting into the flare jeans thing, it's tricky for me because I always find that they are cut too long for me, and I always have to make adjustments—these jeans, from Mango, got my DIY hem treatment (AKA I just cut four inches of fabric off of the bottom and slashed a hole in the knee), and I love how the distressed details really make them a bit more edgy, and modern. Throwing on a black moto and ankle boots is my go to right now, it's just an easy way to pull it all together.

Anyway, fingers crossed DC gets some snow soon, or at least some chilly weather so that we can all get cozy like this time of year calls for.



Photography by Christopher Cain, Hey Bulldog Studios

Jacket: Zara // Top: Adidas // Jeans: Mango // Boots: ASOS // Sunnies: Ray-Ban