The Capricorn.

The Capricorn.

I love astrology and learning about my sign, the Capricorn (birthday is Jan. 1st)—ruled by Saturn, we are The Goat (or seagoat, which is the depiction I prefer), sure-footed, stubborn, and strong. I know, astrology can seem pretty far-fetched a lot of the times, but I personally have always found a connection with learning more about Capricorn, and how that affects my personality, relationships, and life in general.

We are probably the more 'serious' of the signs, sarcasm is our first language, everything we do has to have a purpose or meaning, goals must be made and met regularly, we have very little time for frivolity, and patience with people in general is fairly thin. These things all sound terrible, but, the flip side is, we have a great sense of humor (albeit dry), we're very warm (on the inside), and caring—actually, our form of caring might come across to others as bossy or judgemental, because we feel like we always know best (we do). My friends tell me sometimes how they won't tell me certain things, because I have this look—my face tells no lies.

My sign rules my life, and in every aspect, I'm very much a stereotypical Cap. I'm fun, but really, that's after all the work things are done, and I feel like I've earned downtime. Being a workaholic and a perfectionist is like, hell in Earth, to be blunt. I love going for my dreams, I love that I have this unwavering belief in myself and my ability, but ask me to relax, or simply "hang out", and my brain is like, "Does not compute."

My sign also manifests itself into my style—if you've been following my style blogs for a bit, you might have noticed this shift towards minimalism, and simplicity. Keeping up with trends is not for me, Caps are highly conventional people. I love the classics, and things that just continually look good over time. When my brain is always going a mile a minute with to-do lists, and appointments, and projects, I need one area of my life that is more quiet, reserved, and predictable—like getting dressed. Over the last two years, I've been totally shifting everything in my life to be as minimal as possible, I've been purging my wardrobe, my makeup table, my collections of shoes and accessories, all to get down to the concentrated version of who I am and what I like. 

2016 is filled with goals, but the biggest one, is to just be as authentic to myself as possible. I want my style to be a reflection of who I truly am, and not feel pressure to live in excess—I want this year to be about finally finding a balance between working and playing, and becoming more open to things that I've never done before.

The Capricorn in me is always up for challenges, so, I'm beyond ready to take this new year head-on!



Let's talk signs in the comments—I'd love to know when your birthdays are, which sign you are, and if you feel like it best represents you! 

Photography by Christopher Cain

Overalls: Urban Outfitters (+DIY) // Sweater: Banana Republic // Coat: Missguided // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // Sunnies: Ray-Ban