Review | Lancome Le Teint Particulier

Review | Lancome Le Teint Particulier


Finally, a foundation that matches your shade and undertone almost exactly, it's so light, so natural, and so flawless, that it almost feels like you're not wearing anything at all!  Introducing one of Lancôme's newest and most-innovative foundations, Le Teint Particulier, a weightless liquid foundation, that is long wearing, breathable, oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free and safe for sensitive skin.

In collaboration with Lancôme.

Photography by Tasha James


Lancôme just changed the whole game with this new foundation, Le Teint Particulier! For most makeup wearers, the thought of going into a store to buy a foundation is stressful. Often times, finding an exact match is impossible, so we typically end up buying two shades, to mix and match to get something satisfactory, or we find other clever ways to get the formulas to match our skin, like adding pigment drops to what we already own.

One of the biggest issues I've had, is finding the right undertone, products in the past have either been too red, too yellow, or too neutral, and were easily detected. Having acne-prone, combination skin is another hurdle, because foundations for oily skin are typically matte, and drying, and if you're going for full-coverage (like I always do), then you end up wearing a mask. It's honestly so frustrating, because I'm not someone who has flawless skin, and I depend on makeup to help conceal issues that I'm dealing with, but I also want skin that looks like skin! 

Also, take into consideration that most people's skin isn't the same tones throughout, my neck is considerably darker than my face, but my chest is super light, so finding a way to blend all those areas is an absolute headache.

Le Teint Particulier is honestly a Godsend, because it addresses many of those challenges—at once! It not only allows you to get an exact shade match, it's lightweight and natural-looking (even at full coverage), and you get to control what the finish is like! 



Le Teint Particulier is unique all-around, starting with its one-of-a-kind process for matching and mixing your custom foundation in real time.

If you've got 30 minutes, and live near one of these Nordstrom locations, a Beauty Advisor at a Lancôme counter will take you through the very simple process of making your own foundation. First, they will chat with you about your skin type, and get some basic information about you. Then, they will scan three parts of your face/body—you pick the areas that you want for your foundation, I picked my forehead, cheek, and chest—this information is sent directly to their computer, where you can see a reading of the tones that were scanned. Based on the three areas, the computer calculates a median tone. The cool thing about the technology behind this machine is that it can detect something like 20,000 different tones! 

This reading will tell you how much of each Red, Yellow, Black or Blue pigments to add to your formula. At this point, you'll let the Beauty Advisor know how much coverage you'll want (Light, Medium, or Full), and based on your skin type, you will also choose how much moisturizer you'd like included in your formula (or none at all, if you're Oily).

Once your scan is done, and all of your formula selections have been made, the real fun begins! You get to watch as pigments, bases, and moisturizer are dispensed, then shaken up vigorously to create your custom formula. Afterwards, they assemble your bottle with a tall frosted exterior, pump, and custom label. It also gets packed in a velvety lined box. The label is customized with your name (or anything you want), and your Complexion ID. That ID number allows you to easily refill your foundation with the same exact formula when you run out. 



So, the experience was wonderful, and luxurious, but what about the actual product?

I was so skeptical about this foundation, let me tell you. Every brand has their gimmicks to suck you in, and I was fully prepared for this to be disappointing, because I've just never had that great of luck with foundations—I do have some that I love despite their shortcomings in one category or another, but I wasn't expecting much more from this.

So, after my foundation was mixed and packaged, my MUA went ahead and applied it for me. It goes on this weird shade of orange, and I'm thinking, "Here we go." but as she blends it in, it just disappears into my skin! I literally was dumbfounded.

Not only did it match my skin, but it looked like skin too! This is full-coverage makeup that left my face with dimension, I almost shed a tear right then and there! I held it together though, but barely.

This excited me for so many reasons, but definitely this feels like the answer for so many women who feel excluded from the cosmetics industry—instead of fighting to make foundations work from brands that don't mind excluding large portions of consumers, why not just go with a product in which the main goal is the be as inclusive as possible? I can't imagine how many more people can now have something that just works without having to manipulate it!

Here's how it looks with no other face products like concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, etc. I didn't even add a finishing power to set it (but you should).

Here's how it looks with no other face products like concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter, etc. I didn't even add a finishing power to set it (but you should).

About face:    Le Teint Particulier custom makeup, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Ebony, Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara, Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro #201 | Choker (   here   )

About face: Le Teint Particulier custom makeup, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Ebony, Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara, Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro #201 | Choker (here)

So after about five months of testing this out, I'm definitely confident that this is a product I would whole-heartedly recommend.

I think this foundation would be great for anyone, but it's especially perfect for special occasions (weddings, birthdays, graduation), or for people with careers where they spend a lot of time on-camera! This photographs so beautifully, and because it looks like your skin, you don't look like you're actually wearing makeup.

It's such an amazing feeling having a foundation that completely matches your skin. I've honestly been wearing it non-stop—I only swap in other products because I'm a guinea pig, but I reach for this 90% of the time. It's so easy to work with, it's very blendable, lightweight (I sometimes touch my face because I forget I'm wearing it!), and looks so pretty and realistic! I can't get over not having to heavily contour and highlight when I wear it, because my face still has a lot of detail, so I actually end up using less makeup—like, what?! I'm so blown away. Definitely check this out if you can!



PS: Stay tuned for a post update, I have some video footage of my experience that I want to share!

Le Teint Particulier is $80, and is only available at these select Nordstrom locations:

Del Amo Fashion Center + Downtown Seattle + International Plaza + Michigan Avenue + Oakbrook Center + Southcenter + The Shops at Mission Viejo + The Village at Corte Madera + Tysons Corner Center + Valley Fair