On The Fringe.


Photography by Christopher Cain

Jacket: Thrifted, Jeans: Levis (DIY), Boots: Shoemint


"That's ugly." my boyfriend says with a scrunched up face. He seems both disgusted in my choice of outerwear, and concerned that I may have hit my head somewhere in the thrift store, where I enthusiastically picked this fringe bolero over, well, anything else that was available there.

'What does he know about fashion?' I thought, as I hypnotized myself shimmying at myself in a mirror, watching the fringe swish back and forth. 

It was a no-brainer. 

Plus, I'm a minimalist at heart, so sometimes, incorporating fun pieces into my collection is necessary. This is also why I love thrifting for these types of things, the risk is so low. I spent maybe $4 on this, so, it was definitely worth taking home—at worst, it would stay in my closet for all of eternity, and at best, I could get a few wears out of it.

For this look, it livened up a basic black jeans and t-shirt look—that bit of movement, and dash of color in the ombré is just what I needed. This look definitely took a Country-Western turn that I wasn't expecting, but listen, you have to roll with it sometimes.