Combating The Cold: Alpha Industries N-2B Parka

Combating The Cold: Alpha Industries N-2B Parka

ing The Cold

Coat: Alpha Industries N-2B Parka, Dress: Thrifted, Boots: H&M

Photography by Christopher Cain


Last winter, my boyfriend and I broke down, and finally bought ourselves proper winter coats—you would think after nearly 10 years in DC that we would have them, but we didn't. We would occasionally find pretty warm parkas, but when that wind chill hits, it's pretty much a wrap.

We attended an Alpha Industries event last Winter, and immediately, we were obsessed with the brand. Alpha Industries is the leader in military-grade outerwear—they are contracted by our actual military branches to provide all sorts of ultra-warm jackets and bags, and they've brought that same craftsmanship, and innovation to the civilian side, too.

If you look at any photo of someone wearing a bomber jacket in the last few years, chances are it's from Alpha Industries (the MA-1 Flight Jacket, to be exact), or was inspired by them. 

After perusing their site for a bit, my boyfriend and I decided on our coats: he got this shorter N-2B Parka (which I'm wearing for this shoot), and I got the longer, faux fur-lined Elyse Parka — both are considered heavy-weight, and made to be worn in sub-freezing temperatures (aka that DC Tundra). They are super warm, and cozy—I can't live without mine! 

I love the fit of both, but I especially love my boyfriend's if I want that baggy look. I love that it's cropped, but since it's quite oversized on me, I balanced out the volume, by pairing it with a sleek sweater dress. The cherry-red boots add a nice pop of color.

As always, I live for pieces that can be functional, and stylish at once, which is why I can't recommend Alpha Industries enough—everything they make is top-quality, and a must-have, especially for cold weather.