The One With The Overalls


Blazer: Thrifted, Top: H&M, Overalls: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Zara, Choker: DIY, Glasses: Ray-Ban

Photography by Christopher Cain


I am perpetually living in the 90s. I don't even realize it, until I look in the mirror, see what I'm wearing, and go, "Yep. It's 1994 today." In my defense, I've been watching a lot of Friends lately on Netflix, and I think I'm (sub)consciously absorbing the characters' fashion sense.

Rachel had the best style in the earlier seasons of the show—if I had to raid anyone's closet, it would've been hers. All of her tailored looks were perfection, and her more laid-back style was worth jacking too. There's this episode where she wears a blazer over a denim shorts overalls—it's so cute how they mixed casual and tailored like that—so, I wanted to recreate it, but with pants, because it's winter.

Anything went in the 90s, fashion-wise, and perhaps that's why I'm so attached to it; it seemed like the perfect period in fashion where people could experiment, and there wasn't pressure to be, or look perfect/flawless all of the time. Not everything was good, but it was fun, for sure.

Anyway, onto my Rachel Green inspired look—can you believe that I already had these pieces in my wardrobe? I wear these things all of the time, but it never dawned on me to wear them together. This longline blazer was a lucky find when I was thrifting one day, it's the prefect length, especially when we're going for that 90s look. The overalls and button-down worked so well together, for some reason—I love that my overalls have a more open/modern front, so you can see more of whatever I layer under it, this allowed me to have the button undone quite far down, to open up my neckline. I added a cute little evil-eye choker that I made (supplies from Michael's), and silver brogues to give it a more modern feel.

I think Rachel might be proud, what do you think?