Usually, on The Glossier, you see me in front of the camera, but the truth is, I much prefer to be behind the lens. I love having a vision or idea, and then being able to execute it, to make it real. 

The last two years have been pretty crazy, my partner and I are still growing our creative business, and at the start of the New Year, we made a decision to start focusing our work in just a couple of areas, versus being the Jack-of-all-trades that we are. I'm personally obsessed with editorial and product photography, and, I'm taking steps to only shoot in those areas.

So, a few months ago, I did a shoot with model Zack Ballard, he was the first model I've actually ever worked with, and to

be honest, I wasn't as nervous about it as I thought I would've been. Zack was a total dream to work with—he knew all of his angles, how to move his body, and was super open to trying out some ideas that I had—it was just a lot of fun getting to collaborate with him, and I think we were both pleased with the final images.

Getting to work on a test shoot definitely gave me that motivation to continue going in that direction, I'm excited to just get better, and keep working with people who have that same passion as I do to create the best work we can.

I'll keep sharing my editorial adventures here on The Glossier, because I think it'll be fun to show you all my progress. Until next time. — xx, Tasha


Model, Zack Ballard // Styling, Tasha James // Hair, Lauren Kelly // Photography, Tasha James

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