Falling In Love: Ralph Lauren Tender Romance

Falling In Love: Ralph Lauren Tender Romance

"Tender Romance evokes both the sweetness and innocence of falling in love for the first time."—Ralph Lauren

Tender Romance is a fragrance that really captures the essence of new love. It's fresh, light, airy, and sweet. It makes me think about when my boyfriend and I first started dating almost eight years ago, it was such an amazing time—among all of my favorite things he did, I remember waking up in the morning to find really cute love notes on my night table, that he would write just before leaving for work every day. I found them recently when I was cleaning my closet, and rereading them just made me feel butterflies and warm all over. It was such a small gesture, but it really showed me how much he cared. It's really hard to describe that feeling of falling in love, because it's so personal, but anyone who has had the experience, knows that it's indescribable yet incredible.

I really love the thought behind this scent, because not only does it smell great, it's also supposed to make you feel something. I enjoyed the balance of scents, from bright and uplifting ginger, sweet pear, to soft cashmere, and sensual musk. I think it's perfect for the person who wants to be reminded of their first love, or the person going on a promising first date. 

Falling in love is enchanting, romantic, and endearing; it's a time full of optimism and hope that something greater will come from a few moments of exchanging glances, and holding hands. It's not about living in a fairytale, but for a moment, you get to live in a bubble with that other person where everything is wonderful. Modern romance isn't just about dating, it's getting the privilege of connecting on a deeper level with someone that you hope you can live your life with, someone who will share or support your dreams, and make your life better any that way they can—even if it's just cute notes scribbled on scrap paper—and, when you find someone like that, everything else is just a cherry on top.

What does falling in love feel like to you? 



Ralph Lauren Tender Romance sample courtesy of Influenster.

Dress & Jacket: Vintage

Photography by Christopher Cain, and Tasha James Hey Bulldog Studios